"Mr. Gopaul has been an excellent service provider for the Maritime Group of Companies," expressed Sheree Ramsingh, Manager Performance and Learning Solutions for the Group. "We trust him and his company to always deliver the highest standard of products and service."

Brian Gopaul and Maritime have enjoyed a long and rewarding relationship that began in 2004 and has grown over the years.

"He started off with very small decorating jobs in the beginning and eventually to doing all our events with full conceptualizations, planning, production, coordination and execution services.


."From our Annual Awards Functions, Annual Carnival Extravaganza, Family Days, Professional Administrative Week, Annual Education Awards, and various other programmes during the course of the year, his companies Elite Planners and Flowers and Functions do it all," emphasized Ramsingh.

Expressing her company's satisfaction with the consistent level of creativity and professionalism of Elite Planners and Flowers and Functions through the years, Ramsingh stressed that they trust the providers' ability to consistently provide a holistic approach to event management.

"As our event consultants they make our functions hassle-free, which allows us to focus on the content of our programmes rather the execution. They work with the bigger picture to ensure congruence with our objectives, they anticipate our needs, and customize the solutions.

"We also appreciate that we get value for money - we have never had cost overruns. Plus, no job is too small."

"Other major things we appreciate," says Ramsingh, "is that Brian Gopaul is knowledgeable about his business, spends time learning our systems and values, is a good listener, is respectful of the Group's property and personnel, and gives timely responses and feedback.

"He's also very easy to work with - he has a warm and engaging personality, which makes the activities fun and enjoyable. His creativity helps to set the mood and the tone for our events and our internal and external clients are always pleased with the end product," she stressed.

Angostura Limited

Elite planners Ltd – WOW – such a dynamic and creative group.  The first time Angostura worked with this team was for our “Bold” concert.  Queens Park Oval was transformed and to this date people still talk about that experience.  We continue to use this company and every event is better than the last. Amazing is the word.

Brenda De la Rosa,
Executive Manager
- Local Sales & Marketing - Angostura


Digicel Group

The thing for me about Elite Planners is that no matter what event I am planning, corporate, promotional, business meetings, exhibitions and media events, once I start to describe the theme, look and feel I would like, Elite Planners immediately click into a design that enhances the mood and atmosphere of the event. They are very professional in their execution as well as dependable and always deliver on time.

Natalie Black O'Connor,
Outdoor & Special Events Executive


McCann Erickson

Brian and his Elite Planners team never give you what you want; they actually give you more than you could have ever imagined.

After weeks of planning an event with this team, it’s extremely rewarding to see your plans come to life in extraordinary ways.
Elite Planners always brings an extra, special something to every project they touch.

Richard Ryan
Senior Account Executive

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