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By Charmaine Daisley

Brian Gopaul, owner of Elite Planners Ltd and Flowers and Functions, has a singular passion for all things beautiful. By age seven he was playing a big part in helping plan family functions such as get-togethers and birthdays, and he always took the lead in decorating the Christmas tree. At 16 he spearheaded the planning and hosting of the Miss Gasparillo Composite beauty pageant and fashion show that was part of a fund-raiser at his alma mater, Gasparillo Composite.

Spotlight on excellence
It is no surprise then that Gopaul has evolved into one of Trinidad and Tobago's foremost event planners and decorators. For a short time though, at age 20, it seemed that Gopaul's life was taking a different direction when he obtained a job at the Ministry of Agriculture after specialising in general agriculture. However, his passion and drive for planning and designing events did not remain dormant for long, and as it re surged Gopaul took strength from the memory of his mother, and the support of friends, to make the life altering decision to begin a part time business, at first offering his services to persons staging parties, and for weddings. Word kept spreading about his decorative flair, his attention to detail and professionalism, and his list of clients kept growing as a result.

Blossoming of a Business
In an effort to provide clients with a holistic, one-stop-shop service, Gopaul acquired an interest in unique floral designs. This facet of his interest soon marked a major growth curve in his business as his floral offerings completed his business' range of decor services. Even more, the quality of flowers and their signature arrangements his service provides now stand out even among the best offered by others locally, so much so that they are now considered a brand.

Budding  relationships
As Brian Gopaul and his business, Elite Planners and Flowers & Functions grew, an impressive and satisfied list of clients grew right along with them.
He has also formed mutually rewarding relationships with product and service providers such as Jogo Productions, Hibiscus Plant Rental, D.A.Y Caribbean, who are all critical to him providing the best input for each and every job he undertakes.

The event management company, Elite Planners Limited and Flowers and Functions was incorporated in 2005, and through the years has become a signature company leaving its impression on a range of functions and events across Trinidad and Tobago. The firm which is geared toward providing signature event services for Special Events, is headed by a team of three directors, with Brian Gopaul, founder of the company, taking the executive and creative lead as Managing and Creative Director.

One company, specialised in three areas - event management, event decorations, and floral designs - Elite Planners Limited and Flowers and Functions has amassed a satisfied clientele of over 25 Corporate/Governmental clients and is ably manned by both a cadre of expert full time staff and over twenty part time employees all skilled and trained in various aspects of the industry.
Over the years, Elite Planners Limited and Flowers and Functions has brought the words, "spectacular", "out-of-this-world", "'magnificent" and last but not least,"professionalism"', to the field of event management.

Signature Event Management

"We cater to a range of clients from both the public and private arenas. Our functions run the gamut of awards events, product launches, corporate and governmental meetings, seminars, and conferences, social and cultural events, corporate Christmas banquets, and weddings," explained Gopaul.

Describing his vocation with passion, Gopaul highlighted: "The Event Management facet of the firm handles the event from the initial stage of meeting with the client, identifying their needs, tailoring plans to ensure needs are met to specification and budget, and the creation of a quality product that will set the tone or support the functionality of the event. We also work hard toward ensuring that both the client and its guests enjoy the intended benefits of the event, and leave with a positive outlook and frame of mind."

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